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SGS CEBEC - SGS Belgium NV - Division SGS-CEBEC

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CB Acronym: SGS CEBEC ID #: 02
Contact person: Mr. Calogero Lana
Address 1: Riverside Business Park
City: BRUSSELS Postal code: 1070
State / Province: BE Country: Belgium
Address 2: Bld. Internationalelaan, 55/K
Email address: calogero.lana@sgs.com Url: http://www.sgs.be
Business phone: + 32 2 556 00 55 Fax: + 32 2 556 00 36
Mobile phone:  
Deadline for the next Re-assessment: 2022-10-22


CB SGS CEBEC - Product Category
Laboratory Name Acronyme Country City
Laborelec Laborelec Belgium Linkebeek
PISEO PISEO France Venissieux
SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd SGS-CSTC STS Shanghai China Shanghai